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Tropicana Santiago: A Pause for Music

The eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, the capital of the homonymous province and the most Caribbean-like city in the country, shows visitors a true gamut of historic, cultural and natural traditions which create the perfect atmosphere to relax.

Governor Diego Velazquez's house, considered the oldest in Latin America, the Prehistoric Valley, the Baconao National Park and the peculiarity of the Gran Piedra are some of the attractions that present visitors with a unique proposal.

However, this city is more than that. It is perhaps the most musical city in the Cuban archipelago, the birthplace of many famous genres such as "son", "bolero", and a national movement of troubadours, which is regarded as the only one of its kind.

Among the tourist attractions of this province is Tropicana Santiago, run by Carishow S.A., a subsidiary of the Cubanacan Group. Tropicana Santiago is called the Cabaret of the Caribbean and can sit 900 people, thus it is considered the largest nightclub in Cuba.

For those arriving in this region, Tropicana Santiago is a required visit. Its 200-artist show offers a great spectacle where color, "rumba" and folklore turn the party into a true carnival from which it is impossible to escape.

This nightclub's fame has gone beyond Cuban borders, since it has toured other countries, showing the most representative elements of Cuban and Caribbean cultures.

Visitor can dance at the Tropicana Discotheque, a mixture of the most recent music, state-of-the-art sound and light technologies and the party atmosphere which surrounds tourists from very moment they arrive in Cuba.

Cuba's cuisine is present at Tropicana Santiago, where the Pavo Real (Peacock) Restaurant offers dishes for the most demanding costumers, making emphasis on Cuban typical recipes.

Last, but not least, the Patricruzao Yard-Bar provides costumers with a pleasant atmosphere and intimacy, as well as a wide gamut of cocktails made with genuine Cuban rum.

Tropicana Santiago's shows are an exceptional example of the nature of the inhabitants of this eastern region of Cuba.

The Santiago people are a true mixture of cultures and traditions: the Spaniards brought their dances, the Africans, their drums and dances, while the French came from Haiti bringing the piano and the contredanse.

The contributions by Venezuelans, Jamaicans, Dominicans and other people from the region who arrived in this area of the Cuban archipelago cannot be ignored.

Tropicana Santiago is a true complex of happiness and entertainment, valid for relaxation and the celebration of the most diverse festivities, always marked by the unmistakable sign of the Caribbean.

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