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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Sports in Favor of Tourism

The largest Antillean island, considered by many one of the major sports powerhouses in the world, takes advantage of the additional attraction contributed by that activity to develop the leisure industry in the Cuban archipelago.

Sun and beach options, ecological tourism, nature, adventures and health are complemented by the ingredient added by numerous national and international competitions and tournaments in many sports disciplines.

Famous all over the world by its excellent performances in baseball (the country's national sport), boxing, athletics, wrestling, judo and volleyball, among others, Cuba receives thousands of vacationers every year who come to the island to enjoy physical activities.

Many tourists who choose Cuba to spend their vacations are particularly interested in the National Baseball Series, which is held every year with the participation of world-renowned players who have participated in Olympic games and world championships.

Moreover, Cuba's busy competitive scheduled includes international events in judo (for both men and women), Greco-Roman and free-style wrestling, skating, jai alai, chess, athletics and boxing.

Swimming also has its place at the "Marcelo Salado" International Cup, which coincides with the celebration of the Holy Week, thus allowing many foreign athletes to participate, mainly accompanied by relatives and friends interested in learning about Cuba's attractions.

Javier Sotomayor
Nelson Loyola
Legna Verdecia

Sports disciplines such as parachuting, scuba diving and carting races are linked to different tourist regions, thus contributing to strengthening the relationship between sports and the fastest-growing industry in the largest Antillean island.

To all this, we should add that Cuba boasts several world-renowned sports personalities, including world record holders Javier Sotomayor (high jump - retired) and Osleidys Menéndez (javelin).

Track and field also finds other high-yield athletes in Cuba. That is the case of Iván Pedroso, one of the best long jumpers in the world, or Anier García, Olympic gold medallist in Sydney'2000 in the 110-meter hurdles.

Rolando Veitía's undefeatable women's team and Justo Noda's men's team have many followers in Europe, where they travel every year to train before major international judo competitions.

Nautical sports also have their place in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Cuban archipelago, including several legs of the world circuit of speedboats, which are usually held in the central province of Cienfuegos or the Bay of Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern region.

For all this, Cubans' sports diversity has become an efficient complement to the tourist sector, since it provides the leisure industry with a key element in its efforts to boost tourist arrivals in different destinations throughout the country.

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