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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Added Values for Tourism in Cuba

The Cuban tourism industry, with sun and beach options as key elements, is also supported by a wide portfolio of offers that are added values to leisure activities.

Jardines del Rey stands out in the extensive list of tourist destinations, which groups several keys with tourist potential in the Sabana-Camagüey archipelago.

Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Cruz and Paredón Grande are included in tourism development plans with a potential of up to 22,000 rooms for tourism.

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest islet in the Cuban archipelago and the main axis of the area, whose name is due to the white or curved beak Coco or Ibis bird of the forest.

The former has an area of 370 square kilometers and 22 kilometers of beaches, while Cayo Guillermo has 13 square kilometers and nearly six kilometers of beaches, including Pilar, which has the largest sandy dune in the Caribbean (15 meters high).

Meanwhile, Paredón Grande has eight kilometers of beaches, and the fourth islet in relevance is Antón Chico. These places are inhabited by more than 200 species of birds, symbolic of the Pink Flamingo, and a flora with around 385 species, including 28 that are endemic.

Tennis courts.

Ready for tourism is also the Rocarena or Torre de Cristal Park, which makes it easy for visitors to go climbing in contact with nature.

This option has 90 attractions of different degrees of difficulty for any person to climb, including children, horizontally.

Located on Cayo Coco, on the north coast of Ciego de Avila province, the recreational center is 13 meters high on three levels, with 18 32-meter masts, and it offers extreme confidence for both experts and beginners.

The first level is reserved for children, only one meter high, with 12 attractions, where children between four and eight years old can play.

The free fall from a height of 12 meters through a well-reinforced rope, the giant swing, the flight to an intermediate pole and from there to the ground, and the climbing wall are practical to enjoy.

Likewise, options such as the so-called Boat Adventure are incorporated, which allows tourists to drive in the sea and enjoy underwater activities.

In the underwater surroundings, more than 30 diving sites are available and the dives include reef barriers, sponge and gorgonian banks, tunnels and caves where several species of fauna can be watched.

The keys have recreational places such as Sitio La Güira, Cueva del Jabalí, Cayo Mortero, La Silla, Club del Aire, the tourist train on Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, and motorcycles, among many other charms.

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