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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: A Treasure for Tourism

The Cuban archipelago, a stronghold for tourism in the Caribbean, offers a wide spectrum of recreational options beyond the main island.

Natural and biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, national parks and protected areas make up an extensive network of offers, marked by its natural values, excellent conservation and unique characteristics that distinguish them in the region.

It is worth mentioning that Cuba has some 200 bays, 2,000 keys and islets and 588 kilometers of beaches that have been classified according to their tourist importance.

The keys are of special interest, especially Jardines del Rey, which is among the fastest-growing destinations in terms of hotels in the country.

Under this name, several islets with tourist potential are grouped, named after King Ferdinand the Catholic by Spanish Conquistador Diego Velazquez.

Cayo Coco is the main islet in the area, with the complement provided by Cayo Guillermo, Paredon Grande and Anton Chico, which are included in the tourism development plans with a potential of up to 22,000 rooms.

Excursion to Cayo Iguana.
Cayo Saetía. Smorgasbord
Cayo Saetía. Cabanas

Jardines del Rey has 38 kilometers of excellent beaches of shallow crystal-clear waters, is inhabited by more than 200 types of birds and has a flora of 385 species, including 28 endemic ones.

In order to improve the environment for tourists, experts are evaluating pouring sand in some sectors of the beach on Paredon Grande.

All this is part of a recovery strategy that was already implemented in 2016 in the Flamingo, Las Coloradas and Playa Larga resorts on Cayo Coco, as well as El Paso on Cayo Guillermo, where El Pilar Beach, which honors US novelist Ernest Hemingway's yacht of the same name, stands out.

The area also has its own characteristic element, sand dunes that are up to 16 meters in height.

In fact, El Pilar is among the best beaches in the Cuban archipelago, due to the quality and width of its sand strip, together with its crystal-clear waters.

The proximity of a 400-kilometer coral reef, considered by experts the second most important in the world, after the one in Australia, adds a touch of distinction to Jardines del Rey, where holidaymakers can practice a wide range of watersports, including scuba diving and snorkeling, in waters with pleasant temperatures and excellent visibility.

More than 30 diving sites are available in Jardines del Rey, and the dives include the coral reef, sponge and gorgonian banks, tunnels and caves, various species of fish can be watched.

The excellent conditions for watersports are complemented by a varied offer of fishing gears, trekking and contemplation, as well as the high degree of preservation of the area's marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

However, the coastal vegetation, the silence of the sea and the heat of the sun, all of which combined in a perfect mixture for the active rest of the vacationers who visit the territory, are a plus in Jardines del Rey.

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