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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: A Portfolio of Opportunities

Cuba's tourism sector, with a strong component of sun and beach options, is committed to diversifying its offers to meet the growing demand from national and foreign vacationers.

In that direction, culture, heritage, history, architecture, nature, nautical options, diving, events and health tourism are gaining ground in the country.

In general, it is possible to combine two or more tourist modalities, complemented by excellent beaches.

Actually, Cuba has a broad cultural and historic wealth and its nature is among the most diverse in the insular Caribbean, with a flora with a high degree of endemism.

More 6,700 plant species, 51 percent of which are endemic, are found in the main highlands of the country, where there are also up to 3,400 varieties of fungi.

The fauna diversity, represented by more than 14,000 species, is especially rich in arthropods, mollusks, amphibians, reptiles and birds, also with a high level of endemism.

Detail of the façade.
Oil painting by García Peña.
Iznagas's house, "Ingenios's" Valley.

Natural and biosphere reserves, natural landscapes, national parks and protected areas make up an extensive network of options, marked by their natural wealth, excellent preservation and unique characteristics in the region.

Three dozen specialized diving centers operate throughout the country, with facilities for initiation courses and diving in coral reefs and caverns, all under the parameters required internationally for hat activity.

More than 6,500 varieties of fish, crustaceans, sponges and mollusks, accompanied by numerous species of corals, make Cuba one of the region's best-preserved underwater ecosystems.

Cuba's mountain ecosystems do not escape the dynamic growth of the sector, and many of the options already include tours and stays in those areas.

The potential of this activity is in Cuba's relief, as the nation has four mountain ranges that occupy approximately 21 percent of the total area of the island, in addition to having 37 percent of forest areas.

Together with this, Cuban culture is a major attraction, since the mergers of races and customs for centuries have given rise to a unique model that shows African, aboriginal, Chinese, French and, of course, Spanish characteristics.

Cuba combines recreation and tourism with treatments to improve the quality of life, including innovative procedures that take advantage of hot springs in various parts of the country.

In addition to international clinics, pharmacies, optician's shops and institutions specialized in improving the quality of life in the country's major tourist destinations, Cuba offers visitors a broad infrastructure.

As a complement, more than 280 hospitals, 400 polyclinics, 116 dental clinics and some 1,500 other medical institutions are integrated into an extensive network that is ready to respond to human health requirements.

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