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Cuba: Centennial Attractions for Tourism

Cuba, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean, attracts thousands of visitors due to its traditional sun and beach options, which are complemented by the country's cultural and historic heritage.

The existence of facilities that combine modernity with an old architecture meets the expectations of thousands of vacationers who come to Cuba every year.

Under these conditions, experts mention the old village of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, which was founded as a coastal town and is currently the Cuban province of Camagüey.

In the capital city stands the Hotel Plaza, which is near the center of the centennial city, a few meters from the main commercial avenues and the railway station, which facilitates the visitors' access to the establishment.

Inaugurated in 1907, the hotel has served as lodging for outstanding personalities, including the renowned Chilean intellectual Gabriela Mistral.

Cuban journalist and writer Felix B. Caignet, who is considered the father of the Latin American radio soap opera, was also among its guests.

City of Camagüey
City of Camagüey
Church of Our Lady of Las Mercedes

The establishment can also be the starting point for trips to the northern coast of the territory, where tourists can visit excellent beaches such as Santa Lucia, which is 22 kilometers long, and the keys Sabinal and Romano.

In front of the Plaza Hotel stands the Railway Theme Park Museum, witness to the first section of the railway from Puerto Principe to Nuevitas in 1846.

That place marks the beginning of the longest commercial artery in the city since the 20th century, Republica Street, which also has important venues dedicated to the arts such as the Caguayo Gallery-Foundation, an expo-sale room specialized in plastic arts, design and monumental expressions.

The city also has the Ignacio Agramonte Park, which was inaugurated in 1528 as Arms Square and maintains its status as the core of the city's architectural structure, despite the changes made through time.

The attractions include the Principal Theater, built in 1850 and abundant in marble and glass, while the 18th century left as a legacy the church of La Merced, where visitors stumble upon a Holy Sepulcher made of silver, the largest piece of that type in the country.

Camagüey is city with one-tower temples, façades with dust covers and pilasters, windows with artistic lattices, houses with interior portals and roofs of red tiles.

In addition, the streets show a capricious design that keeps straight line just in short sections, then take the most diverse orientations and even the shape triangles or they end in one of the squares of the old town.

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