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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Health and Tourism in Cuba

Cuba, a stronghold for tourism in the Caribbean, offers the option of health care as an element to attract thousands of visitors every year who are interested in improving their quality of life.

The tourism industry combines traditional sun and beach options, culture, adventure and nature with the necessary infrastructure to turn holidays into an effective mechanism to improve health.

In fact, Cuba has the support of thousands of professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and dozens of specialized centers, together with traditional and natural medicine programs.

The development of the latter, also called alternative or complementary medicine, is based on experiences and practices transmitted from generation to generation and which are used today.

Likewise, it is an option for the effective treatment of the most diverse ailments, without having to resort to chemical formulations of synthetic origin, which often have bothersome side effects in extremes for certain categories of patients.

The application of these procedures is based on a network of laboratories that process raw materials of natural origin to produce syrups, liniments, fluid extracts, talc and tinctures, among other excellent products to fight several diseases.

Laparoscopic surgery
Specialized consultation against obesity
Integral physical exercises

International clinics, pharmacies, optician's shops and institutions that specialize in improving the quality of life in the major tourist destinations of the country favor this type of leisure.

In addition, more than 280 hospitals, 400 polyclinics, 116 dental clinics and some 1,500 different establishments are integrated into an extensive network ready to respond to the most complex requirements of human health

In this regard, the participation of Cuban medical services in health tourism and quality of life events such as the 18th International Tourism, Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life International Fair, based in Brazil, is added.

Likewise, the Ruta de las Aguas (The Route of Waters) in Cuba is available, which offers holidaymakers the benefits of thermal and medicinal mineral waters, which are scientifically certified and guarantees health care by professionals.

The spas of medicinal waters of the island qualify among the preferred options for vacationers from nations of America and Europe, interested in combining leisure with quality of life.

In the western province of Pinar del Rio is San Diego de los Baños, with a reputation that dates back to 1632 and continues to this day and where acupuncture, medicinal mud, apitherapy and drugs of natural origin are used.

In turn, in Havana and its surroundings, there are the mineral-medicinal waters of bicarbonate, calcium and sodium, sulfur and siliceous composition, in the spas of Santa Maria del Rosario and Madruga, respectively, where there is an adequate tourist infrastructure, beaches and maritime climate.

Meanwhile, in central Cuba is Elguea, whose waters contain a high content of minerals, including sodium, bromine and some sulfur, with an average temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 25 liters per second.

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