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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Expansion at Sight

The dynamic growth of tourism in Cuba, on its way to consolidate positions above the 3.5 million international visitors a year, requires a strong investor support capable of supporting the sector.

The needs are extensive and range from accommodation capacities up to space for extra hotel and recreational activity, with marinas, golf courses and adventure tourism facilities.

In the broad spectrum of groups devoted to leisure activity is Gaviota SA, a company that has among its trading partners up to 10 foreign hotel chains and is in negotiations with eight more.

In addition, since 33 international economic association contracts related to hotel management and marketing were signed, coupled with an agreement on services in the management of laundries.

These corporations manage 86 percent of the Gaviota housing plant, with emphasis on the H10 Hotels chain, Meliá Hotels International, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, W Hotels International, Blue Diamond Hotels and Resorts and Hotels Valentin.

Only in the case of Gaviota, they should be inaugurated 10 new hotel facilities, with about 4,000 rooms.

Sea bottom
Scuba diving
Night view of Paula Church

The portfolio of business opportunities on the island includes 94 projects concerning the so-called leisure industry, of which 27 relate to hotels and seven are linked to the administration and marketing of services funded in nautical marinas.

With the building of lodgings, Cuban tourism authorities seek to increase capacity and high levels of service in city hotels, mainly in Havana, and the heritage villas.

The tourism sector attracted about 16 percent of foreign investment in recent years, with 27 joint ventures covering about 5,000 rooms and 18 management contracts in 69 international hotels chains.

In addition, an extensive program of recovery of heritage buildings throughout the country, with a view to expanding the network of hotels Charming is running.

Cuba plans to put into operation 107,900 new rooms in the 2016-2030 period, which hopes to ripen more than 30,000 foreign investments.

Undoubtedly, tourism is called to consolidate its role as a dynamic sector of the national economy, taking into account that it has a close relationship with the social work of the country.

Indeed, visitors who come regularly to the island are also interested in knowing about the deals that go beyond the state sector and extend to a growing private sector, with emphasis on accommodation and gastronomy.

Added to this, although there are still restrictions established by the US blockade on travel of US citizens to the island, reality shows a steady increase in arrivals data.

Directly, that trend influences scheduled flights between destinations in Cuba and the US, with lower prices than those set by charters and truly invite you to enjoy this transportation alternative.

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