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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Infrastructure for Tourism

The dynamic growth of tourism in Cuba, with forecasts to reach four million international visitors in the short term, places the island facing the challenge of developing infrastructure projects to ensure an adequate response to the expected increase in demand.

In this direction is the inclusion of French companies in the management of the main Cuban airport, including Bouygues Batiment International companies and Airports of Paris.

The project provides for the financing and implementation of immediate actions to improve the quality of services as well as investments in the medium and long term in line with estimates passenger growth.

By the José Martí International Airport up to 47 percent of total travelers arrive to Cuba, and most of those who choose Havana as a tourist destination hail from the United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

Moreover, as an added value are the development of spaces for golf, with one of the new projects in the hands of the joint venture Carbonera S.A., created with Cuban capital and the British company Esencia Hotels and Resorts.

The complex, on the outskirts of the province of Matanzas, will include more than a thousand real estate units, a hotel with more than 100 rooms and a golf resort with 18 holes.

View of Varadero Golf Club.

Another initiative is located on the heights of Bellomonte where Cubagolf and the Chinese company Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited will build a luxury hotel, and high standard apartments on 336 hectares.

In turn, the Spanish company Urbas Grupo Financiero enters into the development of a large tourism and real estate project in Cuba, which includes the construction of luxury hotels and golf courses in the city of Cienfuegos.

The portfolio of business opportunities on the island includes 94 projects concerning the so-called leisure industry, of which 27 are hotels and seven related to the administration and marketing of services funded in nautical marinas.

Therefore, with the construction of lodgings, Cuban tourism authorities seek to increase capacity and high levels of service in city hotels, mainly in Havana, and the heritage villas.

The tourism sector attracted about 16 percent of foreign investment in recent years, with 27 joint ventures covering about 5,000 rooms and 18 management contracts in 69 international hotels chains.

In addition, an extensive program of recovery of heritage buildings throughout the country is running, with a view to expanding the network of Encanto hotels.

Cuba plans to put habilitate 107,900 new rooms in the 2016-2030 period, of which more than 30,000 are expected to develop under foreign investment.

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