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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Boating and Tourism

Most of Cuba, a tourist destination in the Caribbean, has in the form of recreational boating one of the supports to ensure the dynamic growth of the activity.

The alternative entertainment is based on an extensive program of regattas and fishing tournaments, turned into a unique attraction for lovers of the sea.

In this area highlights the work of Hemingway International Nautical Club, present in a nautical program that began in January with the Regatta Conch Republic Cup and ended the half with the Key West-Havana Rally Challenge.

In the first six months of 2016 participated in meetings in Cuba, from the United States, 211 boats and 1,450 yachtsmen representing 43 nautical clubs and institutions of that country.

In addition, representatives of the Club Hemingway visited several US agencies, including St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Key West Yacht Club, Coral Reef Yacht Club, Pensacola Yacht Club, Isles Yacht Club and Tampa Bay and Yacht Club.

Among the most important events in Cuba include the Republic Cup Concha Regatta Miami-Havana Big Sail Challenge, Sarasota-Havana Regatta, Rally to Cuba: Learn the Lingo, and Cat Havana Regatta Challenge.

El Colony Hotel. Pier

Official data support the expansion of tourism, which implies growth plans to bring about 85,000 rooms dedicated to the activity by 2020.

For the entertainment industry, the island currently has about 63,000 rooms, 70 percent of them in facilities of four- and five-star category.

The changes are necessary to respond to the expansion of the sector, even more so with the arrival of more than 50,000 cruise travelers in the first half of 2016.

The aforementioned mode started strongly when entering the Cuban market ships MSC Opera, of the MSC Crociere brand, and the Adonia, from the company Fathom, a subsidiary of Carnival.

In addition, the American company Royal Caribbean requested to start operations with 72 stopovers between Havana and Miami.

Added to this, it is the possible activation of ferry lines between Cuba and the United States, thereby cheapening tickets and greater ease of transportation.

Cuba expects this year the visit of 3.7 million foreign tourists, according to official forecasts, after it broke the record with the reception of over 3.5 million visitors in 2015.

Tourism is considered the most dynamic sector of the Cuban economy and the second source of foreign currencies after professional services, with revenues of more than 1.94 billion dollars in 2015.

Water sports, catamaran rides and especially sport fishing are among the modalities offered on the island, plus the option of life on board to secluded cays.

The authorities authorized the construction and equipping of marinas hosting international tourism, as well as optimizing the processing of inputs and outputs of pleasure boats.

As a novelty, pleasure boats travelers may stay in the country up to five years, a period which may be extended by the marina, in an alternative pointing to long-stay sailing.

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