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Playa Pesquero: Small Treasure of the Sea

Holguin province, in the eastern part of the island, encloses in its geography unique beach spaces that combine the ability to enjoy the warm waters of the sea with nature in perfect condition.

Renowned resorts of Guardalavaca -benefited by the warm weather that invites to enjoy the waters- are accompanied by small spaces, turned into small sea treasures for tourism as the Emerald beaches, Yuraguanal and Pesquero.

In the latter numerous fascinating natural sites can be found, both under water and on the surface, with a length of around 1.1 km.

Playa Pesquero is located near the Bay of Naranjo, which covers an area of 4.2 square km and an average depth of six meters, and stores in its basin about 25 million cubic meters of water.

The bay has three lobes, a short channel that communicates with the adjacent sea and a set of five keys, the largest of which is in its central portion, called Jutía.

In its western margin it has several inlets and peninsulas and the estuary of Arroyo de Oro, while in the south there are a number of incoming and outgoing flows and the Naranjo River.

Replica of Taino Village
Countryside landscape in Banes
Las Guanas Trail on Esmeralda Beach

It is also surrounded by more than 200,000 hectares of natural forests containing some 600 species, many of them endemic - especially Cuabal Coastal area.

Around the bay there are numerous eco-tours held, plus aquariums, a dolphinarium and landscapes dedicated to the implementation of environmental projects.

In Pesquero there is also a hotel facility-one of the largest on the island- located in the middle of lush and colorful vegetation, becoming the perfect place for leisure.

Thus, it comes with a design that reproduces elements of the sugar and railway culture in the region, including the older locomotive that operated in the area.

The resort offers bungalows with two floors, where rooms are decorated in bright Caribbean colors with painted sponge wash effect, shiny fabrics, bathrooms, as well as stylish and contemporary neoclassical elegance walls.

The architecture and decor reflect the cultural traditions of the region and displays customized items, such as the oldest train in Holguin, whose pathways represent the cobbled streets, with names of streets and locations in Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

This facility has a wide range of social clubs and recreational activities, including eco-tours programs and the possibility to practice many outdoors or indoors sports, plus the enjoyment of the healthy sea, and opts for some water sports.

Playa Pesquero offers visitors privileged spots to observe interesting natural elements as Silla de Gibara and the Mezquita, among other picturesque spots of extraordinary beauty.

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