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Guardalavaca: A Unique Beach in Eastern Cuba

The eastern Cuban province of Holguin, full of attractions for active tourism, holds within its charms a rich diversity in nature, history, culture as well as traditional sun and beach options for all tastes.

In this broad spectrum special attention is always paid to Guardalavaca Beach, a perfect combination of fine sand and blue sea, with high mountains and green vegetation as part of its natural landscape.

Guardalavaca is a shell-shaped beach with a length of 700,000 meters and an average width of the sun sandy strip of 50 meters.

Fine white sand and crystal clear waters makes up the spa area, flanked on the north by a coral reef and in the south by forests, hills and thick vegetation.

Curiously, it was noted in the logbook of the Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus, who considered it among the most significant findings made by his expedition in the Caribbean Island.

Traditions and legends attribute its name to the pirate activity in the Caribbean region, as it was mentioned as the favorite spot for the buccaneers to hide their booties (also called "vacas").

Boat excursion.
Marine Landscape, Holguín`s northern coast

That name is also linked to a warning from the natives at the approach of looters who came by sea, where the cry of "Guarda la Vaca" warned every one of the danger they represented.

This area also held the so called rescue trade, a name that the locals gave to cattle skins smuggling with the pirates in exchange for European goods.

A few feet away from the sea begins the domain of the lush green vegetation, where the Cuban countryside imposes its class to offer the tourist a unique show that mixes the blue sea with tradition.

Valleys and hills combine with unique vegetation and fauna that shows the national bird Tocororo (Cuban trogon), escorted by woodpeckers, parrots, cateyes, macaws, hutias, aboriginal manatee and even wild horses.

Resting programs allows tourists to discover beautiful sites of the northern coast of Cuba, with high natural, cultural and historical values, along with itineraries that reach the archaeological museum of Chorro de Maita and Gibara, a fishing town with a well preserved colonial architecture.

The sunset in Guardalavaca is of a single formulation which contrasts the progressive predominance of green vegetation on the blue sea with the small strip of beach, protected by a silent sentry barrier made of reef that peace the waters.

In addition, excursions to Naranjo Bay are available for vacationers, besides swimming with dolphins, horseback riding and jet skis for Vita Bay National Park.

Thus, the prevailing geography in the region has imbued Guardalavaca, and the other northern beaches of Holguin, very particular characteristics that make them different than most in the rest of the island.

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