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Eastern Havana Beaches: Attractions of the Blue Circuit

Urban tourism, present in the Cuban capital with its unique traditional, historic and cultural wealth, is complemented by the coastal resorts that make up the so-called Circuito Azul (Blue Circuit).

At just a 20-minute ride from downtown Havana, Playas del Este (Eastern Havana Beaches) offers more than 15 kilometers of excellent beaches to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Bacuranao, Mégano, Santa María del Mar, Boca Ciega and Guanabo make up the chain of beaches that can be accessed from Havana, after going through the Bay's Tunnel and driving along the Monumental and Via Blanca roads.

Sun, sea, excellent facilities are combined for tourists to practice nautical sports and recreational activities, supported by a hotel infrastructure that can meet the demands from international tourism.

The sand area at the beaches runs from the shore to the edge of the insular platform, which is inhabited by corals and a fertile underwater life that turn the region into the ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling in breathtakingly-beautiful sea bottoms.

Moreover, the Eastern Havana Beaches also offer facilities like night clubs, restaurants, bars and all kinds of services that provide the opportunity to learn about every detail of Havana.

Santa María del Mar Beach.
Jibacoa Beach.

Being close to the sea makes the region essential to develop a wide range of recreational activities for visitors, as professional entertainers animate the events, which are full of fun and entertainment.

Circuito Azul is also a favorite area for domestic tourists, especially during the hot summer season, when thousands of people go to the beach to enjoy the warm water and fine white sand.

Well-known establishments like Tarará, Tropicoco, Villa Los Pinos and Atlántico make up the accommodation offer in that area, even with the possibility of staying in comfortable houses.

Tropicoco is separated from the blue water by barely 50 meters of sand. It has interior and exterior gardens that excel the Caribbean atmosphere of the site.

Villa Los Pinos offers three dozen comfortable residences, as well as complementary options like tours of places of cultural interest in Havana and a wide range of gastronomic options.

In addition, the Aparthotel Las Terrazas provides the alternative of staying for a long time to those who want to fully enjoy their visit to Cuba.

Linked to nautical activities, the coastal town of Cojímar, located at the beginning of the beach zones, is related to the history of the US novelist Ernest Hemingway.

The 1954 Literature Nobel Prize winner met the fisherman Anselmo Hernández, who was his inspiration to write one of his most famous novels, "The Old Man and the Sea", at the Bar-Restaurant Las Terrazas.

Hemingway was taken to Las Terrazas by his friend and skipper of his boat, Gregorio Fuentes, and became a regular costumer of that establishment, which he mentioned several times in his work.

Therefore, Circuito Azul is an indispensable option that adds value to urban tourism in Havana, which has a population of more than two million people.

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