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Ancón: Nature and Heritage

Central Cuba's cultural and historic attractions, especially in Trinidad, are complemented by options linked to nature and beaches.

In that regard, the Ancón Peninsula (where the beaches Ancón and María Aguilar are located) is among the best in the Cuban archipelago and is linked to a sustainable tourist development strategy.

Its ideal location, just 12 kilometers from Trinidad, makes it an excellent resting area for those who visit that patrimonial city, also called Cuba's Museum City.

Trinidad has the privileged of being one of the country's colonial cities and holds one of the most complete and best preserved architectural wealth in the American continent.

Among the most relevant buildings is the Palace of Count Brunet, which houses the Romantic Museum and whose first owner was also linked to the construction of a theater that was named after him and the railroad that connected Trinidad with the port of Casilda.

Large mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries, characterized by balustrades, verandas and beautiful iron-wrought railings, are predominant in the village.

María Aguilar Beach, Trinidad.
Diving center. Ancón Beach.
Ancón peninsula

According to legend, the name Ancón comes from a black rock in Punta María Aguilar that was used as a point of reference by sailors.

It was initially called Ancona (hind leg), because it resembled the leg of a horse, and from there tourist can watch one-of-a-kind sunsets in Cuba.

In addition, there are 30 diving sites in the area thanks to the presence of a unique coral reef, and the local fauna and flora is unique.

Ancón is an archeological reserve due to several sunken ships, schooners and galleons, as a result of constant attacks by corsairs and pirates during the Spanish colonial period.

As an attraction, initiation diving courses are organized, so that inexperienced divers can enjoy the beauty of Cuba's sea bottoms.

Its proximity to the Escambray mountain range allows visitors to enjoy a combination of sea and heights, with options for scuba diving and snorkeling in sea bottoms with a steep relief and inhabited by large colonies of black corals.

Tourist attractions include the Marina, which offers boat tours and fishing excursions to the nearby Cayo Blanco, departing from the port of Casilda, which is safe and provides services such as water, electricity, fuel and other amenities.

The town of La Boca, near Ancón Beach, has several private houses for rent that complement the services of the region's hotels.

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