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Esmeralda Beach: A Green Area for Leisure

Eastern Cuba, a region known for its natural wealth, mountains and beautiful beaches, holds Holguín province, where the tourism industry has grown fast over the past few years.

The province also has 60 kilometers of beaches, both big and small, along its Atlantic coast. Due to their beauty and crystal-clear waters, many of those beaches can compete with the most famous in the world.

One of them is Esmeralda Beach, which is 900 meters long and is protected by long coral reefs, cliffs and exuberant vegetation that provides shadow.

The zone also includes a marine area that is nearly 18 kilometers long and holds 40 diving sites, where the marine bottom is irregular and complex, made up of mounds, caves, small valleys and cliffs of vertical walls.

In some places, those walls descend smoothly to create terraces covered by common sea fans and corals.

According to experts, the beach's name comes from the color of the ocean water that bathes its sand, which is light green.

View of Esmeralda Beach

Its peculiar half-moon shape, surrounded by lagoons and abundant vegetation, offers an atmosphere of privacy and withdrawal.

In addition, there are first-class hotels such as Río de Oro, which offers a privileged and exotic natural environment facing one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs.

The complex Sol Río de Luna y Mares is located in privileged site, because it is an ecological attraction that turns the facility into an ideal place for nature enthusiasts and sea lovers.

Esmeralda Beach is complemented by the Bahía de Naranjo Natural Reserve, which has an aquarium in the middle of the sea, which is accessed by boat.

Trained dolphins gave incredible performances and show their abilities to adventure lovers, including dances, leaps and rapid movements.

The area where the aquarium is located, which used to be an excellent refuge for corsairs and pirates, welcomes tourist boats and protect them from the force of the wind and the waves as they await tourists to set sail.

Three dozen kilometers of shores with five natural beaches, archeological settlements, caves and pristine keys are part of the tourist offer, which is complemented by a six-kilometer-long coral reef that is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The coastal landscape of Bahía de Naranjo integrates into Cuba's rich flora, including native species that are well protected from the intruding hand of humans, turning the region into an exclusive area for nature enthusiasts.

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