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Sunshine and Beach in Santa Lucía

Recreational options in Cuba, based on the attractions of the country's sea bottoms, are available in several beaches nationwide where sunshine is complemented by the crystal-clear water that surrounds the archipelago.

That is the case of Santa Lucía beach, in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey, which boasts a score of kilometers of excellent beaches.

The zone is considered a true natural pool thanks to the largest coral reef in the country, which is as close as 200 meters from the shore, thus making the sea very calm.

The coral reef creates a continuous line of foam that protects the varied fauna of the region, inhabited by 200 species of sponges, 500 species of tropical fish and up to 50 types of corals, including black corals.

Due to the natural conditions of the beaches, nautical sports like windsurf and kitesurf can be practiced in a breathtaking natural environment.

Near Santa Lucía is Cayo Sabinal, which is among the largest islets in the Cuban archipelago with an area of 335 square kilometers, in addition to Cayo Romano, Cayo Cruz and Cayo Guajaba.

Santa Lucía Beach
Santa Lucía Beach.
Gran Club Santa Lucía. View of the beach

Attractive tours on sailboats and landing on pristine keys, whose ancestral inhabitants, consisting of iguanas, pink flamingos, migratory birds, conches and a varied coastal fauna, amaze tourists and make them love that heavenly area of the Cuban universe.

In addition, it is a major diving region in Cuba with 35 sites, some of which hold the remains of about 30 ships, some of which from the Spanish-colonial period, when they carried gold to Spain, and others that were sunk during World War II.

Other options are excursions to Sierra de Cubitas (Cubitas Mountain Range), with more than 300 species of Cuban plant species, or the industrial city of Nuevitas, the human settlement that is closest to the beach.

Precisely, Sierra de Cubitas, which runs along 260 kilometers, holds hundreds of underground formations of high speleological value, aboriginal paintings and several geographic accidents, a perfect combination for adventure and nature enthusiasts.

Tourists can also visit the historic heart of the former Village of Santa María del Puerto Príncipe, which was declared Humankind's Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Accommodation facilities are complemented by a wide range of nautical activities, including boat and catamaran excursions, seafaris, deep-see fishing.

The show of the so-called bull sharks that live in the Bay of Nuevita, which is nine kilometers long, is fascinating.

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