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Cuba: Recreation and Health in the Caribbean

The Cuban tourist industry, supported by the country´s huge potential in terms of nature, history and culture, complements its options with the additional contribution provided by the country´s health care system which has institutions designed for specific treatments.

In this sense, the health tourism in Cuba is ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of mental and physical rehabilitation.

The primary health care in the island is generalized and it is supported by modern techniques which are used by highly qualified specialists in a large network of high-level health care facilities.

There are unique options for the treatment of diseases like pigmentary retinopathy and a comprehensive vaccination program with products developed by the Cuban research centers, which are also available for the nature tourist options.

First-class programs and advanced procedures take visitors to facilities for the treatment of several ophthalmological pathologies, as well as dermatological diseases which are treated with special techniques, and the cure of the extended illness known as vitiligo.

Many people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism, who have been given up in their own countries, find a solution in Cuba for their respective disorders, supported by a natural and pleasant environment which also contributes to the cure.

Specialized consultation against obesity
Integral physical exercises
Diving in the coral reef

In addition, dozens of coast kilometers characterized by fine sands and warm waters make up the option par excellence for those who select a leisure vacation in the island.

Also, there are particular variants offered by unique places of the Cuban geography such as La Gran Piedra, located in eastern Cuba, which is one of the most important geological values in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

In western Cuba, the Isle of Youth, discovered by Admiral Christopher Columbus in his second voyage to the so-called New World, stands out with unique options for diving lovers.

Particularly beautiful coral reefs are located in the southern coast of the abovementioned isle, which are complemented by the attractions of the Punta Francés Marine National Park.

Those who enjoy underwater activities may do so in 56 diving sites, many of them with important colonies corals, gorgonians and sponges, as well as caves with passages and tunnels.

The leading institution in aquatic activities is the Hemingway Marina which is located in Havana and it is internationally famous for the organization of important events, regattas and fishing tournaments.

The abovementioned options are complemented by the diving potential in the island which has more than 70,000 kilometers of island shelf and about 5,000 kilometers of beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Close to 6,500 varieties of fish, crustaceans, sponges and mollusks, accompanied by several coral species turn Cuba into one of the best preserved ecosystems in the region.

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