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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Destinations for Leisure in the Caribbean

The Cuban archipelago, an ideal leisure destination for tourism in the Caribbean, takes advantage of its potential to meet the requirements of thousands of tourists who visit the country every year.

The island, full of perfectly preserved natural attractions, also has a strong presence of historic and cultural values which magnificently display the legacy from the past.

Havana holds many of the most attractive places in Cuba, with famous facilities such as the Inglaterra hotel which was opened on December 23, 1875.

Gastronomy complements these lodging facilities, from the more modest places designed in the modern style of fast-food restaurants, to places with dozens of years of history.

The list of the most renowned restaurants include the famous Bodeguita del Medio, which has strengthened its role in the last few years, as the standard bearer of excellence in Cuban traditional cuisine, within the new tourist era in the country.

The B del M, as it is also called, is just a few steps from La Catedral Square, (Empedrado Street, 207); and it is visited by a large number of tourists who can enjoy, among its most renowned offers, the Mojito, a drink made of light Cuban rum, macerated mint leaves, lemon juice and sugar.

Façade of Inglaterra Hotel. Night view
Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio
Gran Piedra Lookout

Centenary buildings also contribute to the tourist options by offering lodging capacities which also provide additional attractions or the visitors.

The traditional sun and beach options, supported by the warm and crystal-clear waters with white sands and a pleasant climate, are complemented by offers provided by the island’s own treasures.

In this scenery, there are environment-oriented options with programs which represent actual adventures for those who decide to visit Cuba.

The mountain ecosystems also contribute to the dynamic growth of the sector and many options already include tours and stays in these areas.

The relief of the country, including four mountain ranges which cover approximately 21 percent of the island’s surface and comprises 37 percent of the woodland, provides a significant potential for the activity.

In this sense, eastern Cuba holds the highest mountains in the island with unique formations such as the Sierra de la Gran Piedra.

The name emerged after one of the most important geological values in the province of Santiago de Cuba, represented by a huge rock of volcanic origin which is 51 meters long, 25 meters high and 30 meters wide; weighing approximately more than 63,000 tons.

In addition, protected areas, biosphere reserves, swamps and regions of endemic flora and fauna can be fully enjoyed through accesses provided by specialized paths designed for those visitors who arrive in the island with an interest in nature.

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