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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Tourist Potential in the Caribbean

Cuba, a tourist destination par excellence for thousands of visitors each year, strengthens its potential competing with renowned tourist areas in the Caribbean.

The sun and beach options, the main component of the tourist activity in Cuba, are supported by hundreds of kilometers of coasts bathed by warm waters.

The island’s tropical climate, combined with coastal areas and keys barely touched by men, make up options which are complemented by the steady expansion of the hotel and recreational infrastructure.

There are other options which go beyond the traditional sun and beach offers including, among others, the health tourism which is supported by a system ready to meet the most demanding needs of customers in terms of physical and mental recovery.

Also, more than 70,000 kilometers of island shelf are available for diving activities, with about 5,000 kilometers of coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Likewise, close to 6,500 varieties of fish, crustacean, sponges and mollusks can be found in the Cuban seas, accompanied by up to 850 kilometers of coral reefs which provide one of the best preserved submarine ecosystems in the region.

Beach at María La Gorda Villa, Pinar del Río
Coast at María La Gorda Villa, Pinar del Río
Cabo de San Antonio. Beach

In addition, there are hundreds of sunken ships from colony times to the present, as a consequence of the role played by Cuba in the route of fleets sailing from the Caribbean to Europe.

The tourist programs also take into account the creation of artificial underwater parks by means of the controlled sinking of old vessels which become ideal shelters for the marine fauna.

The Cuban cultural richness is complemented by traditional festivities which are inserted in the large tourist portfolio of the island, mainly the summer carnivals in Havana and eastern Cuba, which date back to colony times.

The Remedios Parrandas (a traditional carnival with more than 180 years of history) and the one from Bejucal (in Havana), involve the participation of all the town residents.

Cuba also has about 120 art galleries, antique shops and plastic arts halls, together with nearly 260 museums of the most varied themes and more than 80 theaters for various artistic manifestations.

The leisure options are also supported by a large number of culinary options representing the gastronomic traditions of the country itself.

The traditional dishes of the Cuban cuisine are also supported European options, mainly from Spain, France and Italy.

Asia and the Middle East are also represented in many restaurants and cafeterias which include, among others, gastronomic offers from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arab and Hindu cuisine.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that the attraction offered by the beaches in Cuba is engaged in a friendly competition with a large range of leisure options ready to please the most demanding tastes.

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