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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: An Alternative for Tourism

Cuba, full of leisure options, develops as a tourist alternative in the region where this industry is an essential element in the different economies.

Nature, culture and heritage go hand in hand with the warm waters which surround the island, thus complementing the traditional sun and beach options.

Visitors can have the possibility of enjoying emblematic beach resorts and unique underwater sites, as well as the nautical activities which accompany the traditional sea bathes.

Those who prefer diving can enjoy more than 70,000 kilometers of island shelf, with about 5,000 kilometers of coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Close to 6,500 species of fish, crustaceous, sponges and mollusks; accompanied by several coral varieties, make the island into one of the best preserved underwater ecosystems in the region.

Three dozen specialized diving centers operate in the territory, including facilities for basic diving courses and diving in coral reefs and caverns, always under the international standards for such activity.

Varadero Golf Club. Bar Cafeteria
Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house
Varadero Golf Club. Caddy house

Cuba can also count on new tourist options offered by the private sector with small lodging facilities which visitors find attractive due to their personalized service and comfort.

The direct contact with nature, from a beach or urban option, also contributes an added value to the tourist product taking into account the visitors’ growing interest in knowing the reality of the Cuban countryside, in an almost virgin environment which continuously invites to adventures.

The abovementioned natural values are complemented by a rich fauna including about 16,500 registered species, in a context where certain zoological groups show and endemism above 90 percent; meanwhile, the indigenous flora comprises more than 6,300 varieties of plants in a multicolor and diverse landscape.

Natural reserves, biosphere reserves, natural landscapes and protected areas make up a large network of options characterized by the richness, excellent preservation and unique features which distinguish the area.

Cuba also complements the beauty of its coasts and exuberant nature with the richness of its culture and traditions, which are an essential element in the island’s tourist product.

The leisure portfolio also includes cities with many examples of colonial architecture –perfectly preserved- plastic-art-related hotels, places of cultural and historical heritage and a broad agenda of celebrations and festivities which make up the tourist offer in the country.

Cuba also has about 120 art galleries, antique shops and plastic arts halls, together with nearly 260 museums of the most varied themes, and more than 80 theaters for various artistic manifestations.

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