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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: A Safe Tourist Bet in the Caribbean

The Cuban archipelago, strategically located in the Caribbean, bets on the tourist expansion as a contributing option to the economic dynamism of the country thanks to the natural, historic and cultural richness of the island.

Cuba holds a large variety of recreational options that range from the traditional sun and beach offers to the attractions of its main urban centers.

The tourist sector in the island also has a large hotel infrastructure characterized by its diversity in terms of dimensions, designs and location of the facilities.

Precisely in this scenery, tourists can find actual hotel giants next to small lodging facilities that have become giants of the leisure industry.

Hotels like the Nacional, Plaza and Inglaterra are among the most relevant institutions in the sector, together with other lodging facilities located in Havana’s historic heart.

This area, also known as Old Havana and declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, holds most of the museums, churches, cultural institutions and buildings dating back to colony times; with about 33,000 constructions which were built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Façade of Ambos Mundos Hotel
Ambos Mundos Café
Ambos Mundos Hotel, Roof Garden

The small-format hotels are based on the experience of the Spanish-style inns and they perfectly complement the tourist industry in the island by adding a touch of intimacy and unsophistication that is highly appreciated by visitors.

The emergence of this type of facility, next to big hotels with hundreds of rooms, aims at rescuing an ancient tradition from times when this type of hotel met the lodging needs in big cities.

Those who prefer nautical activities and diving can enjoy more than 70,000 kilometers of island shelf, with about 5,000 kilometers of coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

More than 30 diving centers are available throughout the country, including facilities for beginners’ courses, as well as diving in coral reefs and caverns, always under the international standards for such activities.

The island’s historic heritage, with centuries of accumulated history, can also be enjoyed in a wide network of museums that extends through the country to preserve its cultural and historic legacy.

The abovementioned network includes nearly 300 such facilities of different designs and contents, comprising 14 art museums, seven for science and technology, five ethnographic and anthropological museums and 68 history museums.

In addition, the island’s natural reserves, biosphere reserves, natural landscapes and protected areas make up a large network of options characterized by the richness, excellent preservation and unique features.

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