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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Efficiency and Diversity for Tourism

The Cuban tourist industry, with an income of 2.6 billion dollars in 2012, strengthens its position in an economic environment in which management efficiency and option diversity play an essential role in the activity.

The leisure business, which has become a first-line mechanism in the domestic economy, concentrates its actions on the expansion in about 15 places of the archipelago.

The tourist resort of Varadero, the main sun and beach destination in the island, which is supported by a potential above 20,000 hotel rooms and close to 33 percent of all tourist operations in the country, has been given priority.

Nevertheless, Havana is another important destination with about 12,800 rooms and a large gastronomic, cultural and institutional infrastructure which complement the tourist industry.

The development of the tourist activity is also supported by the presence of renowned foreign companies in 27 joint ventures and about 600 administration contracts, which contribute experience and markets to the country.

The traditional options are offered in dozens of kilometers of excellent beaches with white sands and crystal-clear warm waters surrounded by a pleasant environment.

Varadero Beach
Santa María del Mar Beach.
Swimming pool, Cuatro Palmas Hotel

In this scenery, there are options offered by nature itself, as well as the historic and cultural richness of the island, including unique gastronomic offers.

Meanwhile, recreational opportunities are available at several renowned cabarets like Tropicana, which is famous worldwide and now has similar facilities in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba and in the western province of Matanzas.

In addition, the development of the Cuban society, along five centuries, is reflected in the innumerable culinary options which represent those elements which have enriched the traditions of the country.

The traditional Cuban dishes are accompanied by European gastronomic options, mainly from Spain, France and Italy.

Likewise, Asia and the Middle East are also represented in many restaurants and cafeterias which include, among others, gastronomic offers from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arab and Hindu cuisine.

Also, there are modern European culinary options in order to meet the demands of vacationers from this continent.

The Cuban tourist industry is also growing in other areas such as ecotourism and the combination of this activity with the improvement of the visitors’ quality of life.

Among other options, there are three dozen specialized diving centers across the country, which offer a wide spectrum of opportunities, from beginner’s courses to diving excursions in coral reefs and caverns, always according to the international standards established for such activity.

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