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Cuba: Seas for Tourism

The Cuban archipelago, located in a strategic area in the Caribbean, has in its surrounding seas an essential element for the different leisure options of the country which are supported by the Cuban natural, cultural and historic richness.

Warm and crystal-clear waters surround the biggest island of the Antilles where dozens of kilometers of excellent beaches with sands of varied colors can be found.

In this sense, apart from the white sands, there are areas where black sand can be found such as the particular Bibijagua beach in the isle of Youth, or the brownish-colored sands of Marea del Portillo in the eastern province of Granma.

Diving, an actual complement of the tourist industry, can be practiced in more than 70,000 kilometers of the island shelf, with more than 5,000 kilometers of coastline which is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

In addition, close to 6,500 varieties of fish, crustaceans, sponges and mollusks; accompanied by several coral species, make up one of the best-preserved marine ecosystems in the region.

Diving activities can be enjoyed in about three dozen specialized diving centers which are distributed throughout the country, including facilities for beginners’ courses as well as diving in coral reefs and caverns; always taking into account the established international standards for such activity.

El Colony. Beach
Holguín`s north coast
Tropical fish

These activities are also favored by an average water temperature above 24 degree Celsius and a horizontal visibility beyond 30 meters.

The Isle of Youth, discovered by the Admiral Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the so-called New World, stands out as a place of particular beauty with coral reefs and the attractions of the Punta Francés Marine National Park.

It is precisely in this region where the diving area associated with the Colony hotel, and a six-kilometer coast stretch located between Punta Pedestales and Punta Francés, provide a unique marine environment.

In the underwater tours, visitors are accompanied by a much-varied submarine fauna including shads, mackerels, grunts, bass, gags and even barracudas, while sharks are less frequently seen.

In western Cuba, the famous Varadero beach resort, 22 kilometers of the best Cuban beaches, is available for those who want to enjoy a crystal-clear sea and white sands.

The Ancón peninsula, in the central area of the country, has one of the best Cuban beaches in the southern coast, with a sea bottom characterized by a steep relief and abundant black coral.

Meanwhile, Santa María key, in Villa Clara, comprises in nearly 13 kilometers of wide sand strips and almost virgin beaches, leisure options for the most demanding tastes.

Santa Lucía, in the province of Camagüey, is regarded as an undisclosed Eden and one of the best beaches in Cuba and the world, with cream-colored sand and facilities for the practice of a wide range of nautical activities.

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