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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Cuba: Recreation, Nature and Health

The Cuban archipelago, an important leisure destination, offers a large program of options ranging from nature tourism and ecotourism to the improvement of the quality of life.

Dozens of excellent beaches, with crystal-clear waters and white sands, are combined with an exuberant nature, which is perfectly preserved and provides unique opportunities for ecologic leisure activities.

In this sense, the option strongly prevails in more than 4,000 keys and islets which make up the Cuban archipelago and support the development of this type of tourism.

The mountain ecosystems also contribute to the dynamic growth of the sector and many options already include tours and stays in these areas.

The relief of the country, including four mountain ranges which cover approximately 21 percent of the island’s surface and comprises 37 percent of the woodland, provides a significant potential for the activity.

Likewise, protected areas, biosphere reserves, swamps and regions of endemic flora and fauna can be fully enjoyed, through accesses provided by specialized paths designed for those visitors who arrive in the island, with an interest in nature.

Scuba diving

Cuba has a rich and diverse bird fauna, including more than 350 species in the islands and keys which make up the archipelago, where seabirds and forest birds stand out in a fauna which is also characterized by a high degree of endemism.

Close to 6,500 varieties of fish, crustacean, sponges and mollusks can be found in the Cuban seas, accompanied by up to 850 kilometers of coral reefs which provide one of the best-preserved submarine ecosystems in the region.

In addition, the Cuban tourist industry has the necessary infrastructure to turn these leisure periods into an effective way to improve visitors’ health.

In this sense, Cuba has thousands of health professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and dozens of specialized institutions which can support this service, together with program of traditional and natural medicine.

The abovementioned program, also called alternative or complementary medicine, has developed according to the experiences and practices which have been passed from generations and, nowadays, have validity in modern society.

Traditional medicine constitutes a medical option for the treatment of different diseases, without the administration of chemical or synthetic drugs which, in many occasions, cause extreme undesirable side effects in certain patients.

More than 280 hospitals, about 400 policlinics, 116 dental clinics and about 1,500 different health care facilities make up a broad health care network which is ready to meet the most complex requirements of human health care.

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