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Cuba: Culture, Summer and Traditions

Cuba, an important tourist destination in Latin America, combines the arrival of the summer season with options linked to the culture and traditions of the country in order to design a unique recreational offer.

In fact, dozens of beach kilometers, together with the country’s cultural and historic heritage, go hand in hand to make up Cuba’s recreational options.

Cuba is famous for the sun and beach options, complemented by the country’s potential for diving in the 70,000 kilometers of the island shelf and about 5,000 kilometers of coasts bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Close to 6,500 varieties of fish, crustaceans, sponges and mollusks, together with several coral species, make up one of the best-preserved submarine ecosystems in the region.

During the months of July and August, the hottest season in the Cuban climate, a large number of recreational activities are carried out in sports, culture and in the social life of the island.

In this sense, the festivities of the Carnival, one of the most relevant celebrations of the Cuban culture, stand out.

Garrafón. Red corals
Garrafón. Scuba diving

The abovementioned celebration is one of the oldest traditions in the country, a festivity rooted centuries ago during the celebration of the Corpus Christi and the Epiphany when the black slaves organized dances and collective marches.

The African slaves, authorized by their Spanish owners, had the opportunity to enjoy some leisure days once a year; in addition, every 6th of January, during the Epiphany, slaves were allowed to perform the songs and dances of their native lands.

Dates have changed through the years and, in the last few, the Cuban summer has been filled with festivities since this season is the most preferred by the population for vacations.

A turmoil of salsa music and colors is animated by the “comparsas” (carnival dancing groups), which include La Jardinera, La Giraldilla de La Habana, Guaracheros de Regla, Los Marqueses de Atarés and El Alacrán.

Many of these dancing groups, which have emerged in Havana’s neighborhoods, prepare children to ensure the perpetuation of the tradition and they also participate in the carnival.

Every year, spectators play an active role in the celebrations since many are attracted by the music of the most popular bands and orchestras in the island; and the catchy choruses invite to dance, regardless the origin of the people.

This type of tradition extends beyond Havana and, in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, the so-called Fire Party is celebrated, gathering every year the greatest exponents of the Caribbean culture; as well as celebrating the city’s carnival.

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