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Weekly report on Cuba's tourism industry
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Havana Cigars: A Complement to Tourism

Havana cigars, one of Cuba's major export items that are highly demanded on the international market, have a five-century-old history and are a one-of-a-kind complement to the tourism industry.

Beaches, culture, history and traditions are complemented by a unique offer of hand-rolled Havana cigars, which are considered the best of the world.

A perfect combination of soils, climate and humidity contributes to creating a product that experts describe as exclusive, due to its excellent aroma, color, texture and flavor. These elements are taken into consideration when rolling the world-famous Havana cigars, which are highly demanded by a select clientele.

Although tobacco is harvested throughout the country, the best land for that crop is in the western province of Pinar del Río, especially in the zone of Vueltabajo, where the world's best tobacco is cultivated.

Vueltabajo's tobacco crops provide almost all leaves used for cigar wraps, which undergo a 190-step aging process that can last more than one year.

For cigar rollers, a hand-rolled Havana cigar is a work of art. Their creation begins when the leaves are picked, selected by size and class, and used for each specific vitola.

Façade of Conde de Villanueva Hotel
Biography of Havana Cigars. Title page
Cohiba cigars.

Cuba's cigar industry offers more than 700 vitolas of nearly 40 brands, all of which have a high quality.

In addition, hundreds of cigar aficionados visit Cuba every year to attend the Havana Cigar Festival, among other meetings.

Cultural and historic facilities, businesses and hotels make up an offer that those who choose Havana to spend their vacations will never forget.

Among Old Havana's one-of-a-kind establishments is the Conde de Villanueva Hotel, which is run by the company Habaguanex S.A. and specializes in promoting Havana cigars, one of Cuba's world-famous products.

The hotel is housed in the former mansion of Claudio Martínez de Pinillo, Count of Villanueva, and its architectural style resembles an 18th-century building.

The establishment is closely linked to Havana cigars, so each room and facilities are named after famous tobacco-growing zones and farms in Cuba.

The Casa del Habano is located in the hotel's mezzanine, characterized by a low wooden ceiling from the 18th century and a peculiar and pleasant aroma of cedar.

A bar to taste cigars, humidors and security vaults are complemented by the work of cigar rollers, who add touch of class to that singular nook in the Cuban capital.

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