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Punta Venado: Adventure in the Heart of the Maya Riviera

The Mexican Caribbean region, a unique option due to its natural, cultural and archeological treasures, also benefits from the existence of pristine sites for the development of adventure tourism.

The combination of great emotions with ecology takes visitors to Punta Venado, one of those alternatives that treasures the mysticism of enigmatic lands bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Some 800 hectares of jungle and four kilometers of excellent beaches are the main features of this idyllic place for ecotourism, where visitors can enjoy horse riding, scuba diving, mountain biking, exploration of caverns and trekking.

Punta Venado is a sort of home to dozens of species of the tropical flora and fauna, including small felines and mammals, reptiles, a wide variety of birds and, of course, deer (venado in Spanish), since that is the animal after which the area was named.

In addition, Punta Venado features a traditional Mexican ranch surrounded by Caribbean-style stables, domestic animals and typical constructions that resemble an ancient Mayan village in a paradisiacal pristine tropical jungle.

Centuries ago, Punta Venado was a town linked to the environment and its inhabitants devoted to agriculture and fishing, in addition to sailing and building ceremonial centers whose remnants can be found today.

Horse riding.
ATV ride in the jungle.

The first settlements with formal structures were linked to "cenotes" (freshwater sinkholes), springs or any other relevant natural element, and their social and cultural complexity was reflected on the existence of elite housing units and ceremonial-administrative centers.

In the late 1990s, the area recovered its vitality after the introduction of beautiful horses for tourist excursions, along with explorations that led to discover unsuspected treasures.

Exceptional natural pools formed by underground currents, underground rivers in their original state, breathtaking caverns and amazing rock formations hidden at the bottom of totally-dark caves are options that adventure lovers cannot refuse.

>From the depths of the blue sea emerges the coral islet, which is home to scores of species of birds and is surrounded by the exceptional beauty of marine life that can be found in one of the most spectacular reefs in the Maya Riviera.

Those who love to be in direct contact with nature can walk along several trails that will take them to important areas of Punta Venado, including cenotes and caverns located in one-of-a-kind scenery.

Adventure in the jungle also includes tours on motorcycles or jeeps, during which tourists can enjoy the region's exuberant tropical vegetation, explore caves or just watch the different landscapes of this paradisiacal place.

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