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Xcaret: A Natural Paradise for Leisure

Archeological and natural treasures go hand in hand in the Mexican Caribbean, where Mayan civilization flourished centuries ago, and are key elements in the development of tourist multidestination in the region.

The theme park of Xcaret - a word that means "small inlet" in the Mayan language - is one of the options for vacationers who bet on leisure in several destinations in the region.

According to experts, the area was the center of maritime trade during the apogee of Mayan civilization many centuries ago. They even say that its original name might have been P'ole', a word that derived from P'ol, which means merchandise.

Xcaret covers both the former Mayan port and the religious center of the area, and consists of eight buildings that date from the 1400-1517 period.

The site includes a catholic church, evidence of the presence of humans in the territory after the Spanish conquistadors landed in Mexico, and one of the oldest Spanish monuments in the country.

The different archeological zones are divided into groups, which are identified by letters, thus limiting the places of interest for visitors. The wall that surrounds the zone is shut to the sea, thus separating the swamp areas near the coast from the inner lands.

Xcaret. Logo
Xcaret. Bird`s-eye view
Xcaret. Zoo

The group of Mayan buildings distributed in the zone and the ecological park that recreates a natural paradise of huge wealth are combined into a magic experience that reveals beauty and cultural depth of unique singularity in the Caribbean coast.

The Xcaret Park gives visitors access to the sacred "cenote" (freshwater sinkhole), where the so-called "Mayan Tour" begins. It consists of a 500-meter tour along an underground river with caverns full of corals.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the blue lagoon, the cove, the beach, the archeological route and horse riding, among other options.

Tourist programs in this heavenly place also include such attractions as the Coral Reef Aquarium, where visitors can enjoy one of the most extraordinary ecosystems in nature.

The park also holds the world's largest enclosed ground for butterflies, featuring a waterfall and many flowering plants that contribute to the reproduction of species whose existence is threatened or endangered.

In the apiary, located in the Botanic Garden, visitors can learn about the species known as Melipona beecheii bee, which the Mayas called "Xuna Kab" (royal bee) and which produces high-quality perfumed honey.

Add to these excellent options for scuba diving, horse riding (including ponies for children), swimming with dolphins and walks on the sea bottom, among other offers that those who love nature, history and traditions from ancient civilizations cannot refuse.

Xcaret, Ecological Park
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