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Cuban Rum: A Key Element in Cocktails (II)

Cuban rum, with its characteristic seal and unique flavor for those who enjoy it, also takes a privileged position in the many cocktails that include that drink as a key element for the most relevant blends.

The island's climate, characterized by high temperatures most of the year, contributes to the expansion of the most diverse formulas linked to that liquor, to mitigate the heat that spreads all over your body when rum is drunk pure.

Cuban cocktails reached their popularity in the early 20th century, parallel to the Prohibition in the United States, when thousands of tourists from that country used to traveled to the largest Antillean island to enjoy countless ethylic combinations, many of which were prepared with genuine Cuban rum.

At the time, the cocktail known as Cuba Libre, a simple mix of rum, cola and lemon that is associated to the cry uttered by the Liberation Army during the wars for independence, was already popular.

Another popular Cuban cocktail, the Daiquiri, was created in the Daiquiri mines, in eastern Cuba, by the engineers Pagliuchi and Cox.

However, the 1920s witnessed an avalanche of options, with cocktails that were named after their creators, famous artist or just the establishment where they were prepared for the first time.

Havana Club Variety

At the time, the Sevilla Hotel, one of Cuba's most renowned hotels, witnessed the birth of the Havana Special, a singular combination of rum, maraschino and juice of pineapple, also known as the queen of Cuban fruit.

The El Floridita Restaurant made its contribution by creating the Iced Daiquiri, a variant at a more pleasant temperature than that mix created in eastern Cuba. It later created the Hemingway Special, which is closely linked to the famous U.S. writer Ernest Hemingway.

In another stronghold of Cuban gastronomy, the world-famous Bodeguita del Medio, the Mojito Criollo, a popular cocktail among Cubans and an ever-present element in protocol activities, found a key position.

Cocktail experts, who are considered true artists, follow non-written rules that are indispensable to achieve the desired effect when enjoying one of these delicious combinations.

For many, ice is an essential element in cocktails, whether in cubes or grinded in a blender.

If you add some sugar, experts recommend dissolving it in water, soda or fruit juices - never in the liquor, which should be cool, so that the cocktail can absorb the essential oils, in addition to the fact that cocktails should be served immediately after being prepared.

Even the way of blending the cocktails - softly if your using light liquors - and the way of measuring the ingredients is essential in good cocktails, as a sort of alchemy whose final destination is to satisfy thousands of people who prefer to enjoy the genuine Cuban rum in one of its many combinations.

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