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San Francisco Square
Calles Oficios, Amargura y San Pedro. La Habana Vieja. La Habana
This square was named after the Franciscan Convent located here since the end of the XVI century. The cove where it sits was filled in 1628 for the construction of the square near the Customs Offices, which is an evidence of the growth of the city and the increase of the population. This was the most important place in the life of the city and docks. Government files and institutions remained here since the second half of the XVII century, until they were moved to the Parade Square in 1791.

This place was also used for public celebrations, the so called San Francisco fairs, which used to start each year on November 3, and that were held until 1841 when it was announced that the Franciscan Convent would become a sect. Its surroundings were improved in the XVIII century, cobblestones were laid on Oficio Street and the new Covent of Saint Francis of Assisi was finished, which at the time had the tallest church tower in the city. The houses of the aristocrats of Havana made this place look much nicer as the loyal symbol of the new architectural styles, making the square an important site in the city.

In the XX century, the construction of La Lonja de Comercio was finished to rule the development of the commercial operations that were taking place in the area. The new building of the Customs was finished one year later and it accentuated the trading character that this area started to show during the XVII century.

At the center of the square we can find a The Fountain of the Lions, given as a present to Havana by Claudio Martínez de Pinillos, Count of Villanueva and placed here in 1836.

San Francisco Square recovers its life with the restoration works of this attraction center and development of the city of San Cristobal de La Habana.

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