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Las Tunas More provinces

City of Las Tunas City of Las Tunas  Sculpture Fountain of the Antilles First church Park Park Colonial patio

Recently included in the international tourism scenario of the largest of the West Indies, the province of Las Tunas covers 6 584 km2 of the northeastern portion of the Island and has more than 35 absolutely virgin beaches in its 265 kilometers of irregular coasts.

The production of sugar and the cattle raising activity are the two main economic pillars of this territory, of which there are historic references since 1510. The region started to be slowly populated only after the second half of the XVIII century.

The city of Las Tunas was founded in 1759 and constitutes today a city that is considered the capital of sculpting in Cuba, since there are in its little more than 600 km2 of surface some 70 monumental and environmental works.

There are many places of importance in this province that are closely related to the Cuban war of independence started in the XIX century. Evidence of its active participation can be found at the General Vicente García provincial museum. There is also testimonial stone made structures, like the Fort of La Loma (National Monument) which was built in Puerto Padre, a settlement that started to grow almost at the end of the 1860's and which keeps today a true natural curiosity: there is at its waterside one of the few fresh water springs in the island that produces water right next to the sea shore.

Puerto Padre is also the nearest place in Las Tunas to an area of insipient tourism development: Covarrubias beach with fine and white sand, washed by the Atlantic Ocean and protected by a Coral Reef that is approximately three kilometers long, is a place where only 120 hotel rooms are currently in operation.

Very close to this place, at Malagueta Bay (one of the four of Las Tunas territory), it is possible to see a variety of birds, among which visitors can interact with an outstanding number of pink flamingoes, ducks, pelicans and storks.

The mineral-medicinal waters of the municipality of Jesús Menéndez and the existence of humid soil with the largest reserve of American alligators of the Caribbean (some 20 thousand) are also part of the proposals offered to visitors by the province of Las Tunas, place of birth of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles, one of the most important bucolic poets in Cuba and major worshiper of spinels. It is precisely as a tribute to this outstanding intellectual of the province of Las Tunas that the Jornada Cucalambeana is celebrated every year with the participation singers of Cuban country ballads, improvisers and all artists in general who wish to honor "one way or the other" the inexhaustible literary work of Cucalambé.

Las Tunas, with the most modern steal plant of the country, also has the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the World Food Program (WFP) to develop there one of the most important programs for the production of milk in the Island.

Turistic zones

Las Tunas
Playa Covarrubias

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