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Cayo Las Brujas More destinations
Province Villa Clara

The central zone of the largest of the Antilles, full of attractions for the leisure industry, directs the attention toward those territories that are integrated in the keys north, with several kilometers of excellent beaches and a practically virgin environment. ,

A path on the sea - called predaplén- 48 kilometers of extension serves as the liaison between the largest isle of the Cuban archipelago and the keys Santa Maria, Las Brujas, Ensenachos Cobos, Majá, Fragoso, Frances, Las Picúas and Español Adentro, among others. ,

In this set of spaces, special interest concentrated the islet known as Las Brujas (The Witches -with 6.7 square kilometers), which has various values of natural beauty and seduction, highlighting especially extensive beaches with transparent waters with a mosaic of seabed. The legends are also present, because its name is linked to the stories of ghosts, noises and occurrences that circulated among the settlers, although other narrations the associated with the romantic encounters between a fisherman and a young woman of the locality. There are also the stories that relate to these characters with the protection to those engaged in the task of the sea, making it the best fish bait, the winds pushing the candles and the worst storms are unrelated to the good of all. ,

Among the tourist attractions that can be found are the 2.4 kilometers of beaches with fine and white sands, recognized for its beauty, clear and transparent waters and a variety of seabed which combine the shades of green and blue in various contrasts. These areas have closed form of shells of excellent quality and with good potential for tourism activity, mainly the modality of sun and beach. ,

It is also located in the Key the navy Las Brujas, that offers opportunities for diving and water sports, taking into account the enormous potential of the territory in that area. ,

As an additional element in the region is the ship San Pascual, run aground in the vicinity of Cayo Frances and become a rarity naval to be made of reinforced concrete and launched to water in 1920 in the shipyards of San Francisco, California. Also known by the inhabitants as the pontoon, seen by many as an islet more, although currently offers vacationers the facilities of a dozen cabins and an enviable position to appreciate the attractions of the region. ,

In this environment you can practice fishing in channels of up to ten meters in depth, in boats with engine, where the most abundant species are the tarpon, snapper, and grouper, as well as snook, albacoras and gilded, among others. Precisely in this islet stresses the village of the same name, located in Punta Periquillo next to a wide stretch of sand of nearly two kilometers of beach and built on stilts in the high rocks of a cliff is located very near an airport with facilities to accommodate aircraft of small and medium-sized, which allows the access to the vacationers to place.

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Las Brujas 3
Angsana Cayo Santa María 5
Las Salinas Plaza & Spa 4
San Pascual Ship
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Cayo Francés
Caibarién. Villa Clara
El Farallón
International cuisine
Villa Las Brujas
Caibarién. Villa Clara
San Pascual
International cuisine
Hotel Occidental Royal Hideaway Cayo Ensenachos
Caibarién. Villa Clara

Villa Las Brujas. Panoramic view

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Villa Las Brujas. Panoramic view Villa Las Brujas. Beach Villa Las Brujas. Cabanas Villa Las Brujas. Beach Villa Las Brujas. Outdoor view Villa Las Brujas. Nautical activities
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