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Playa Covarrubias More destinations
Province Las Tunas

The province of Las Tunas, known to many as the balcony of the Cuban east, figure among the spaces to develop for tourism in the country, with options directed to foreign investors. More than three dozen excellent beaches are located on its geography, among which special relevance boasts Covarrubias, beautiful destination protected by a virgin vegetation. A coralline barrier protects this beach, of fine white sand and warm waters, very close to which, in the Bay of Malagueta, find a scenario with magnificent conditions those who like the observation of the avifauna. The site also has the attraction that gives you a coralline barrier of about six kilometers in length and distant from the coast to 1.5 kilometers as average, which provides an important complement to the lovers of diving.,

Among the major tourist attractions that owns the Covarrubias Beach is the power to take the sun and immerse yourself in its warm waters, provided by their low seabed, in a sea where the waves are not noticed and that resembles a giant natural pond. Likewise, the existence of forests and savannas with exuberant flora and fauna are at the disposal of the tourist for the practice of trekking. Linked to this is the option to practice the observation of thousands of pink flamingos, varied species of native birds of Cuba and migratory, which choose these spots for its supply. ,

A tourist attraction that draws attention to all visitors, is the existence of the Real Lagoon, a water mirror of pink color due to the pigmentation of microorganisms that live in it. Also among the places that can be explored by visitors, there are the remains of aboriginal settlements of great historical importance in the area of the Caribbean, in addition to funeral centers and caves used as housing. ,

For the accommodation are available the facilities of the hotel Villa Covarrubias, which operates under the modality of all inclusive and account with a wide gastronomic offer. The installation was structured in small sets of bungalows and functional units that are fragmented and integrate with natural elements very well defined. Given the nature ecologist and the closeness to nature the Hotel Villa Covarrubias allows medical consultation of several specialists, massages, mud therapy and acupuncture, of recognized therapeutic efficacy. ,

For all these reasons, Covarrubias stands in an area of excellent beaches, as the first option for leisure in a territory called to win every time more space in the dynamic expansion that envelops the Cuban tourism industry in recent years.

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Brisas Covarrubias 4
Villa Covarrubias
Puerto Padre. Las Tunas

Bridge. Covarrubias beach.

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Bridge. Covarrubias beach. . Swimming pool . . . . Swimming pool at Covarrubias Villa Covarrubias Beach Beach . . . . Lobby Restaurant
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