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Car reservations
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Peugeot 301 or similar
Peugeot 301 or similar CAPACITY: 5 LUGGAGE: 2 DOORS: 4
Car Class: intermediate
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: Gasoline
Air Conditioning: Yes

Introduce the pick-up/drop-off dates and time you want and use the button to calculate the prices.
Pick-up at:

Unlimited$ 819.80 USD
Insurance Included
Unlimited$ 823.20 USD
Additional Charges

Charges to be paid at the moment of leasing the car. All rates are quoted in USD.

  • Airport fee: $ 20.00 USD (Fee for rentals starting at airport offices)
  • Warranty Deposit: $ 200.00 USD (Refundable when you deliver the car)
  • Co-driver: $ 3.00 USD per day
  • Fuel: It is paid at the beginning of the rental agreement contract for the amount delivered in the tank. Return the car without fuel.
  • Drop-off: The drop-off charge will be paid when returning somewhere else to the pick-up location is done at the end of the rental agreement. More Info
Rental Conditions

Minimum and maximum age established to rent a car, without any extra commission, from 25 to 70 years. For people between 21 and 24 years old and between 71 and 75 years old, they will pay an additional fee consisting of 50% of the value of the liability waiver.

Clients must afford the voucher at the rental office. Renter as well as co-drivers must show passport and driver�s license for renting the vehicle. Copies are not allowed. Whether this requirements are not fulfilled the service wont�be provided and considered as NO SHOW.

Clients with permanent residence in Cuba must present updated identification document, it must be the latest version of the Cuban identity card.

The renter is required to present a prepaid card for a minimum amount equivalent to 200.00 USD at the Rental Office at the beginning of the service, in order to be able to make any payment derived from the rental, either at the beginning or at the end of the service.

The prepaid cards may be purchased at the airports and can be purchased using any foreign currency, except the USD (US Dollar).

If at the end of the rental period the user does not have such prepaid card or any other national or international card with sufficient balance to pay any rental item incurred, he/she will be declared as a No Grato customer of the Rentadora until the debt is paid.

General Rental Conditions.

  1. Client must pay every charge related to the service provided in the contract.

  2. Client must drop off the car under the same conditions it was delivered on the specified date of the rental contract. Missing parts and accessories in the vehicle that were not marked in the rental agreement when collecting the car it will be paid.

  3. The rental period is established in the rental agreement based on hours and days it is signed. The car must be returned on the specified date and time by contract.

  4. Client will leave the Guarantee Deposit requested by VIA RENT A CAR according to the public rates currently in force at that time listed for each vehicle model. Whether the guarantee deposit is left with a signed credit card bank slip VIA RENT A CAR is allowed to fill it out and charge with the spent amount by client without any notification as ruled by contract.

  5. VIA RENT A CAR will only refund the main renter in the same way the payment was made.

  6. Vehicle must be driven only by the renter and the authorized second driver under her/his responsibility.

  7. It is a mandatory to follow the current traffic rules. Exceeding passenger number as stablished by contract is not allowed.

  8. Whether a person not registered in the rental contract is found driving the car by an agent of competent authorities and the violation is proven, there is a notification on the rental contract. It brings about a penalty of loosing the coming paid rental days and the guarantee deposit. The rented car will be withdrawn and loose the right to apply for the insurance.

  9. The client gives up to demand against VIA RENT A CAR for any accidental damaged caused by mishandling, traffic or vehicle maintenance breach.

  10. VIA RENT A CAR is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage to any property, personal property of the client or passengers, or left abandoned in the vehicle during or after the rental period.

  11. VIA RENT A CAR could cancel a rental contract and proceed to reimburse the total for the paid difference except in case of agreement non-observance.

  12. The client will lose every right to be relieved of responsibility by VIA RENT A CAR when incurred in negligent actions or violation of existing laws and agreed in this contract, and by driving the vehicle while intoxicated or under the effects of psychotropic substances and manipulation thereof by unauthorized in this contract and shall pay the full amount of the damages caused to the vehicle and third parties in case of any of these irregularities are proven.

  13. The customer must present the vehicle at the nearest station before exceeding the mileage stated in maintenance contract for each agency, as well as check the oil level, radiator water and air pressure in the tires. Any damage or paralysis that occurs to the vehicle for violation of this clause shall be paid by the customer.

  14. Where there is a violation of the odometer clock, the customer must pay the equivalent of 200 miles per day or fraction of a day trip, the time that had been in possession, penalty also will be effective if the odometer stops working and customer does not give timely notice to VIA RENT A CAR.

  15. The customer must comply with the following limitations: No vehicle use profitably, not use it as another vehicle traction, not overloading regarding their strength and / or performance; locked when the vehicle remains outside it , no racing, endurance, speed and acrobatics and not transport flammable materials, explosives, drugs or the like.

  16. In case of breakage, accident or similar mishap, the customer must immediately inform the nearest Agency and take safety measures to avoid damage, accident or theft. The customer is responsible for the vehicle while it has in its custody by this contract.

  17. If the client is deprived of the use of the rented vehicle for the commission of a crime or violation of administrative provision by legally authorized body shall not be entitled to claim any refund of rent, having to pay expenses for loss of profits due to stoppage of and vehicle accidents that are caused. In case of forfeiture of the vehicle shall be bound to pay the Rentadora the value.

  18. The customer may drop off the rented vehicle at any authorized station, paying a drop off charge to the agency that rented based supplements for empty return or drop off set.

  19. The customer is obliged to use special gasoline in vehicle exclusively.

  20. The price of rent, sell fuel, additional kms, excess time service, drop off fee, is subject to change without notice.

  21. The emergency service is provided free of charge by VIA RENT A CAR, if the client is not guilty. If the client was guilty pay for the service fee as defined by the Company.

  22. Any negligence caused by the client to cause injury or damage to the leased vehicle and failing to the rental, he must pay the penalty established in supplements penalties and damages for the rental for such purposes.


To address any claims is a prerequisite, as the same has been filed within 72 hours from the occurrence of the events at the facilities contracted to provide the services requested before the final departure of the same or deliver an official of GAVIOTA TOURS, which must receive and sign him to you a copy of the receipt as proof that you must keep. When this is not possible, the complaints from his country to VACACIONAR TRAVEL, as long as you communicate a term not exceeding 15 days from the occurrence of the act complained of booking@iTravelNetwork.us sent via email will be attended, enclosing the Claim and in case of loss, theft or accident also attach practiced Complaint to the PNR and the monetary valuation of the economic impact, these documents must be sent in DOC, JPG or PDF and in a size that is legible but not more than 100Kb each.


Cancellations made 7 days before the previous confirmed pick up day will be penalized with 180 USD plus 25 euros.

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